søndag den 8. juli 2018

90s style big hat bazooka

Fuggit Khan have finished this nice bazooka wielding model. Working with the artillery crew member (shown earlier), it can work as a weapon team. It'll also make a cool unit filler.

Just a bit of work to do on the bazooka and this, the crew member and all the hats are ready for casting.

tirsdag den 3. juli 2018

15mm tjubling bull centaurs

A quick wip shots of some bull centaurs tjub is working on. These will go in the 15mm scale line. There's is no date for casting at the moment.

mandag den 21. maj 2018

Hats - lots of hats!

Fuggit Khan har sculpted a bunch of hats. ... a lot of them! He has spend hours and countless retries to get the skulls just right. Fuggit is a perfectionist in all the hobby work he does.

He just finished the bull big hat and actually went looking at cattle in the country, to get it just right.

The plan for the artillery crew model is to let you order whichever hat you like when ordering the model. And the set of hats will be sold as a conversion kit on its own as well. Perfect for easy conversions of your old chaos dwarf models.

onsdag den 2. maj 2018

Scatter pieces

These excess bits and bobs will be cast following some requests. One LotR collector wondered if the old Goblin corpse sculpt (from 2007, 2010 or thereabouts?) would be cast.

The other request was from Pawel Gorecki, the owner of Rotten Factory. A Polish sculptor that I've tossed ideas at over on T9A forum. He liked the looks of my minis and will retail sell a few kits.

torsdag den 19. april 2018

Prophet on palanquin

While rummaging around for vases and bits and bobs to send off for casting, I stumbled across an old work in progress piece.

It is intended to be a prophet carried on a tiny platform by two crab-walking bearers. They are muscular and sorcerously and alchemically enlarged by brawn and girth to better carry their master around.

The bearers' hands are locked into tight iron boxes, yet to be finalized. It is on a 25mm base due to size and also because it is for a friend's WoC/DoC army, to be used as a sorceror. It's been on hold for years as more serious sculpting matters cropped up, mainly courtesy of Bloodbeard who got me into sculpting for casting.

tirsdag den 17. april 2018

Artillery Crew - finished sculpt

Fuggit Khan have finished the sculpt for the first big hat model, done i a true 90's style. Spot on sculpting on this one. Will come with a bunch of different hats and the grenade is cast by itself.