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Hobgoblin Slavedrivers - greens

Hobgoblin Slavedrivers

Admiral: "Here are two taskmasters to herd the Orcs along. Scale is still a bit off from ideal, but the size in the sculpts might be on the right track. Their feet and legs are not as lively as one could have hoped for, but they'll have to do. The first Orc pilot sculpt is a lot livelier, so the big eye-catchers should hold more movement in them.

These slavedrivers will be released as a small kit on their own, and way ahead of the Orc slaves. Will probably include a couple of small pots as kit extras depending on mould space, to make use of the reject excess Zealot sculpts. You'll see a lot of this practice in future kits, small bits and bobs that should help lend character to the whole tabletop setting."

Original Games Workshop hobgoblin is converted and painted by Fuggit Khan.

Admiral: "The armour and clothes are based on some Persian warrior garb seen in the second picture below. Note the chubby whipper. If you wonder where the amputated thrall parts went, he probably ate them! The prodder's spearhead breaks the regional inspiration, sort of, since it's based on a British bronze age spear head, not Middle Eastern/eastern Mediterranean ones, but what the heck, I just went with what looked most interesting on a quick picture search. Also note the prodder's eyepatch."

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