lørdag den 3. december 2016

Sci-fi conversion head bits - wip

Alien Heads

Admiral: "Sculpted on the quick at the request of Bloodbeard, as one of several planned short breaks during the quite lengthy Slave Orc-Slavedriver-Bits sculpting session. You might be able to recognize them as parody versions from a couple of fictional universes.

This alien head bitz kit will test the sci-fi waters. No plans for substantial scifi things to come in the future, but the odd bit and bob and single miniature are likely to show up in the long run (fantasy is firmly in the driver's seat). In due time even historical sculpts are likely to appear, but I want to sharpen several different sculpting skills before attempting historicals":

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  1. Svar
    1. Hi Mad Van Holes.
      Admiral has already send the heads to the caster in Czech Republic (send before christmas). With a bit of luck they'll be ready for sale in a month (should be no more than two).

  2. Svar
    1. The caster's industrial vaccuum pump broke down before new year. He bought a new one, yet the associate charged with picking the pump up disappeared. Since these vaccuum pumps are highly expensive, the caster cannot afford to buy a new one on top of the one he lost. He's trying to contact the disappeared man through all possible channels and is meanwhile looking into leasing a vaccuum pump. Weaker pumps leave air bubbles in the castings. The heads will be more affordable in the end if cast in Czech Republic (good for customers), and I'd like to wait some weeks more at least before having them shipped to another company.

      This event is very harsh on a small business such as the one the caster runs. I hope things work out in the end for him nevertheless.