fredag den 10. november 2017

torsdag den 2. november 2017

15mm Chaos Dwarf tjublings - released

The 15mm scale chaos dwarf models - the 'tjublings' are now on sale. Sculpted by Tobias 'tjub' Torsteinson for use in small scale fantasy battles.

For sell in the blogshop here.

A shot of the greenstuff originals before going to the caster.

Models painted by sculptor 'tjub'.

Scale Comparison
A shot of the tjublings next to other 15mm scale metal models.
Demonworld Empire swordsman, Demonworld Orc and a Battle Valor evil human.

søndag den 15. oktober 2017

Greenstuff Tutorial: Scalemail Diamond

Quick 'n' Dirty tutorial for sculpting scalemail patterns in a diamond style. Click the image for a high resolution version.

An example of a model with armor in this style.

Greenstuff Tutorial: Scalemail Hexagonal

A Quick 'n' Dirty tutorial for sculpting scalemail patterns in a hexagonal style. Click the image for a high resolution version.

An example of scale sculpted with this method.

onsdag den 4. oktober 2017

Greenstuff Tutorial: Pearlwork

A Quick 'n' Dirty tutorial for sculpting pearlwork. I use it a lot as details on Chaos Dwarf big hats. Click the image for a high resolution version.

An example of the technique used on a model.

tirsdag den 19. september 2017

Greenstuff Tutorial: Simple Knotwork

A Quick 'n' Dirty tutorial for doing knotwork. Perfect for details on elves, norsemen and dwarfs.
Click the photo for a high resolution version.

mandag den 18. september 2017

Matron and Zharrling

This model will be part of the 'Evil Dwarf Admiral set' along with the slave elf and the hobgoblin habor skulker.

Matron of Ancient Times

Dressed modestly in multi-layered fringed cloth draped diagonally around her pregnant body, this horned matron is no breaker of custom, as her decently chainmail-veiled face profess (bared flesh in public is the lot of concubines, temple harlots and women captured as war booty, and finally priestesses - held in awe - whose mysterious female powers are expressed through an assertive sensuality in their manners and appearance alike). Rings in the ears and around the fingers of the matron add a glitter to her rotund person, while a towering hat underscores her married status. Her prestigious position as a fertile mother is visible in the nine pteruges hanging from the backside of her hat, and indeed a similar triangular end decoration as on the family pteruges is strung on a necklace hanging from the throat of each of her children who has not yet passed into adulthood as per the ancestral rites. Note the childhood hat of her son, and the beard which is uncoiled since it is a privilege of adults only to curl their hair and whiskers.

The headgear of the matron is large, yet its form is different from male hats, and likewise unlike the masculine (and priestess) counterparts the feminine headgear is not proudly erect, standing straight up on the head, but is instead softer, backbending and receptive in shape. Her hat sports zigzag decor and pearlwork alike, and flanked by lightning bolts striking the ground rise a stylized palm ornament, in flames. This bears connotations of fertility, growth and plenty, but also of destruction, ashes and power.

The frontside of her hat is starkly adorned by a cracked skull, a constant reminder of both mortality, the work that needs to be done and the children that needs to be bred and raised. The cranial ornament upon the head of this lady is likewise a symbolic reminder for all men of the importance of defending one's tribe and precious womenfolk. It is also a mark of warning to any slave who would think of assaulting her. Behind the skull rise a a metal plate, inscribed with incantations, frequently replaced with different bronze plates bearing script as the seasonal ceremonies require. Above the runic plate sits the flat face of a potent demon of myth, bound to her will and facing the sky in order to ward off fell spirits and criminal hat-snatchers alike. The crenellated wall sitting above the demonic visage is not accidentally placed that way, for it is in fact an invocation in images for any assailant of the city walls to perish, a baleful curse upon both attackers outside the fortifications and revolting slaves within. The stretch of miniature walls and towers is likewise a proclamation of her kin's strength and endurance, as well as an announcement of the harshness needed for order to keep out chaos if civilized life is to survive.

And last but not least the crowning fortifications act as a reminder for all menfolk that should the towers be toppled and the walls fall like a downstruck hat, then their wives and concubines will become nothing but spoil for the conqueror, and their mothers and daughters will also be ravished, as is the way of mortals since time immemorial.

"You hit them hard over their heads like this, little Kralbuknezhur."

"Yes, ma'!"

Refence material for the the sculpting of these models.

søndag den 17. september 2017

Harbour Skulker of Ancient Times - WIP

Since a slave, a lord and a lady will be in the same kit, better include a middling sort of scum as well.

This one was done mostly as a quicker exercise in posing and anatomy. I am sure the pose came out clumsy, but cast it will be regardless. Likewise, the knives came out thicker, broader and shorter than intended. Will try and get longer, sleeker and more curved blades for similar sculpts in the future. It's a tad big.

Aside from that, does anything look awry? Equipped with a boar's tusk helmet, this lice-ridden bastard sneaks and stabs with glee, slitting purse strings and throats alike. The helmet is certainly a luxurious trophy from a previous victim of higher standing.

A warty scourge of the rowdy port and an unsavoury fellow on any vessel, this Hobgoblin still has his uses in boarding actions, particularly if he can sneak upon the enemy captain and deprive his crew of leadership in the midst of critical combat.

The intended pose is tiptoeing forward, torso bent back, sneaky-like. However, it seem simple enough to tilt the model on a slottabase to achieve a different impression. "Just one more cut..."

onsdag den 13. september 2017

Greenstuff Tutorial: Lamellar Lawy

Quick 'n' Dirty tutorial for sculpting wavy lamellar armor with greenstuff. Click the photo for a high resolution version.

A reference picture for the style of armor you're trying to get with this method.

lørdag den 9. september 2017

torsdag den 7. september 2017

Greenstuff Tutorial: Chains

A Quick 'n' Dirty tutorials for sculpting chains with greenstuff. The tutorials is made as an image file, for better sharing on forums. Click the photo for a much larger version. 

Examples of chains done using this method of sculpting.

søndag den 3. september 2017

WIP Matron for the Admiral's retinue

A WIP matron in the grand admiral's retinue. Ideas are welcome, but frontal shots will not be taken until the sculpt is finished. To be revealed...

tirsdag den 15. august 2017

Elf Slave of Ancient Times - WIP

Elf Slave of Ancient Times

A quick little retinue sculpt for the admiral/pirate captain. Having just finished quick-salvaging and uploading a huge load of pictures of others' Chaos Dwarf hobby work (prolonged and concentrated waking-to-sleeping desktop work), I've gone physically exhausted like rarely before, in a way which hard labour hasn't managed to produce. Tired through the day no matter what one do. Ah well, some rest and relaxation and juice should be up again. Still, managed to put in some finishing touches on this slave victim.

From his neck iron, a lock and a metal slave plate dangles. The unlucky Elf have met a grisly fate almost on par with the Orc slaves. Maimed, partially flayed, branded and cut and cut again, he has some blood drops flowing down his left arm. They've barely touched his face, because Elven ears and eyes are seen as very valuable alchemical and sorcerous ingredients. Perhaps Elven hair is, too? In that case, that proud mane has already been harvested. The Elf is scalped, and his exposed skull is cracked from blunt violence. Yet this is no lowly Human who would cave in to deepest despair in the face of such utter misery. His facial expression is pained, but an iron will and burning desire to avenge his wrongs ("I'll strangle you with your own beard, foul Dwarf!") leaves a determined glare as he bites back a wail, or at least that was the theory behind the sculpt.

The pose of this miniature made photography a challenge. It was hard to get any good angles at all of the sculpt, and areas such as the eyes kept losing all details on camera. So to compensate, a lot of pictures were taken instead, with contrast turned up in Imgur to aid dodgy focus in areas:

tirsdag den 18. juli 2017

Facebook Competition: Chaos Dwarf Support Vessels

From the facebook page. Make sure you jump in and join for a chance to win.

Getting near 100 likes on this page. It's very much appreciated - thank you!
In order to push this page over that first big number, it's time for another Facebook classic 'like, share, comment, win' competition.
Prize: 5 resin Man-o-War sized Chaos Dwarf support vessels:
- Fire Cannon Ship
- Demolition Ship
- Crane Ship
- Fire Demon Ship
- Slave Galley

In order to win these you must:
- Like the Admiralty Miniatures page
- Like this post
- Share this post

Please make sure your 'share' is public, or I can't see your name when drawing a winner.
Any shares in relevant gaming groups is extra appriciated. Any comment is also a great help - getting momentum in Facebook and all that.

Winner will be drawn randomly in one week on July 25th.
Again - thank you all for the support!
Blog page:

søndag den 16. juli 2017

Sci-fi Heads, Slave Driver Goblins, Wall Reliefs

News from the caster

"Please do expect first box. In this one Ive sent  350 alien heads +  43 x first goblin and 43 x second goblin + 100 of those amphoras or what was there with goblins? Or hats? ^^ Sorry."

This is awesome news!

Wall Relief Plates of Ancient Times

My resin wall reliefs have been added to the site and is now up for sale. See their page here.


lørdag den 24. juni 2017

Chaos Dwarf Admiral - sketch and first green WIP

I have started work on a Grand Admiral or evil dwarf pirate lord sculpt, based upon Jackswift's (CDO member) inventive sketch. Check out the slave rowers on top of the hat!

This miniature will feature many optional parts. If you have ideas for things to change or for bits you wish to see included in the kit, then by all means shout out! Feedback from Chaos Dwarf Online members Enjoysrandom and Fuggit Khan has already helped steer the plans of this project.

mandag den 19. juni 2017

Slave Orc Heads

Orc Slaves of Ancient Times

Based on a lot of valuable feedback from here.

Heads have been sculpted first, since they'll be handy to have finished for posing and sculpting the bodies. 12 head variants for 6 bodies will give space for choice. I do not have the materials to swiftly photograph the heads sufficiently well together (also besides a WHFB Orc head for scale) and size comparison. Will have to fix something soon. In the meanwhile, here we have some ugly, warty, scarred slaves, with hides sculpted to hint at roughness and weather-bitten skin. Notes per head.

Enjoy, or get disgusted as you see fit. Happy

1: Face cage with lock for key placed at nose. Roughly hammered iron bands riveted together. Nailed into head. Angry face and upright ears tell us why his head is locked in.

2: Face bars.

3: Mix between scold's bridle and dirt-eater mask. Head is the smallest of the bunch. Will need some jaw inflation.

4: Evil dwarf fantasy version of owner stamp to the forehead. Runic plate riveted to forehead, with chainmail veil and sewn-shut lips.

5: Stitched lips with bull nose ring. Slaves are like cattle, pull them along! Swollen bruise on top of head.

6: Head in a sack. My brother's idea.

 7: Bandaged eye, half a red smile.

8: Jawless head. Stark cruelty. Based on WWI wounded without jaws.

9: Limp hair head. A nest for lice, sure, but it's intended to convey the pathetic look.

10: Open mouth face. Tongue sticking out with both tusks broken off. Raised scar on one cheek.

11: 1/3 flayed head. Transition head to go along with the one below. There will be some few flayed or partially flayed body parts, and one very unlucky sod who at least have both arms unshackled and both hands intact...

12: Flayed head. Small skin patches remaining at the back of the head, for transition to bodies with skin.

fredag den 24. marts 2017

An unfortunate delay

The caster's industrial vaccuum pump broke down before new year. He bought a new one, yet the associate charged with picking the pump up disappeared. Since these vaccuum pumps are highly expensive, the caster cannot afford to buy a new one on top of the one he lost. He's trying to contact the disappeared man through all possible channels and is meanwhile looking into leasing a vaccuum pump. Weaker pumps leave air bubbles in the castings. The heads will be more affordable in the end if cast in Czech Republic (good for customers), and I'd like to wait some weeks more at least before having them shipped to another company.

This event is very harsh on a small business such as the one the caster runs. I hope things work out in the end for him nevertheless.

fredag den 10. februar 2017

Elf Heavy Archer

The Elf Heavy Archers of Ancient Times is now back from the caster. Check out the site for the miniature for fluff, scale shots and greenstuff WIP shots. Availble to order now as well.