tirsdag den 18. juli 2017

Facebook Competition: Chaos Dwarf Support Vessels

From the facebook page. Make sure you jump in and join for a chance to win.

Getting near 100 likes on this page. It's very much appreciated - thank you!
In order to push this page over that first big number, it's time for another Facebook classic 'like, share, comment, win' competition.
Prize: 5 resin Man-o-War sized Chaos Dwarf support vessels:
- Fire Cannon Ship
- Demolition Ship
- Crane Ship
- Fire Demon Ship
- Slave Galley

In order to win these you must:
- Like the Admiralty Miniatures page
- Like this post
- Share this post

Please make sure your 'share' is public, or I can't see your name when drawing a winner.
Any shares in relevant gaming groups is extra appriciated. Any comment is also a great help - getting momentum in Facebook and all that.

Winner will be drawn randomly in one week on July 25th.
Again - thank you all for the support!
Blog page: http://admiraltyminiatures.blogspot.dk/p/blog-page_30.html

søndag den 16. juli 2017

Sci-fi Heads, Slave Driver Goblins, Wall Reliefs

News from the caster

"Please do expect first box. In this one Ive sent  350 alien heads +  43 x first goblin and 43 x second goblin + 100 of those amphoras or what was there with goblins? Or hats? ^^ Sorry."

This is awesome news!

Wall Relief Plates of Ancient Times

My resin wall reliefs have been added to the site and is now up for sale. See their page here.