torsdag den 19. april 2018

Prophet on palanquin

While rummaging around for vases and bits and bobs to send off for casting, I stumbled across an old work in progress piece.

It is intended to be a prophet carried on a tiny platform by two crab-walking bearers. They are muscular and sorcerously and alchemically enlarged by brawn and girth to better carry their master around.

The bearers' hands are locked into tight iron boxes, yet to be finalized. It is on a 25mm base due to size and also because it is for a friend's WoC/DoC army, to be used as a sorceror. It's been on hold for years as more serious sculpting matters cropped up, mainly courtesy of Bloodbeard who got me into sculpting for casting.

tirsdag den 17. april 2018

Artillery Crew - finished sculpt

Fuggit Khan have finished the sculpt for the first big hat model, done i a true 90's style. Spot on sculpting on this one. Will come with a bunch of different hats and the grenade is cast by itself.

mandag den 9. april 2018

New project - Chaos Dwarfs by Fuggit Khan

The well-known hobbyist known online as Fuggit Khan will sculpt miniatures for Admiralty Miniatures! He has shared concept art and WIP pictures of a rocket carrier with loose ammunition piece and several hat options. More to come...

søndag den 8. april 2018

New Tjublings released

A lot of new 15mm tjublings released on the Etsy Shop. All tjublings sculpted by Tobias 'tjub' Torstensson. See the entire 15mm range here.

lørdag den 7. april 2018

Deathspitter Blunderbusses

Deathspitter Blunderbusses of Ancient Times

These neat figures were sculpted by Jon Horsleben back in 2013, intended for casting. I was one of those on Warseer who waited to see them cast, and told the sculptor I'd purchase a lot, to which he replied he would make me make good on my word. Then healthy family life got in the way for this Danish sculptor, and radio silence descended.

A while ago, Bloodbeard saw Jon offering these sculpts along with some unfinished ones for sale, and gave me a tip about this opportunity. Having purchased the sculpts from mister Horsleben, I proceeded to carve out a shallow indentation into the blunderbuss mouths to avoid flat bongo drum syndrome. Better give a hint of depth, if ever so slight. Other quick realism details included sidearms for everyone (Jon had already equipped one with an axe, neat!) more rivets and armour straps. Shortly these are off to casting, and will be the first rank and file miniatures in the range.