Slave Orc Heads - Conversion Parts

lop off his head!

We've cut off the heads of a thousand mountain Ogres,
and the heads of a thousand-thousand sea Elves!

We now want the heads of a thousand-thousand-thousand hillmen,
and then the heads of a thousand-thousand-thousand-thousand steppe Orcs!

One man has cut off the heads of a thousand-thousand-thousand-thousand-thousand marsh Goblins,
for no man has ever drank so much wine as this man has of blood poured out!

lop off his head!”

- The Beheading Song, a marching song also popular among Ashen Dwarf children.

Slave Orc Heads
A set of 12 different 28mm scale slave orc heads. Cast in white metal by Custom Made Miniatures, who has done an excellent job at keeping texture on the heads. 
They've been sculpted to fit a number of different orc miniatures. 

 Painted examples made with MOM Miniatures Orcs, painted by Carcearion.

Scale Comparison
A picture of the metal slave heads, next to Games Workshop heads and orc body.

Greenstuff Originals
Shots of the greenstuff originals, next to reference pictures used for inspiration.

Painted by Hans Wång

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